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Founded in 2013, CityByApp® Inc. is a private Corporation that serves municipalities and small to midsize businesses with affordable cutting-edge mobile app development, marketing and advertising solutions.

For municipalities we offer a convenient “hyper-local” mobile app solution for residents, visitors, businesses, government, and community organizations to obtain and share information about the community.  Now, things to do, places to visit, jobs, promotional offers, news, weather, traffic, emergency preparedness information, and a shop local program are at your fingertips.

We design CityByApp mobile apps to be a “family-friendly” safe space that can help contribute to and support strong and vibrant communities. Our Apple +4 rating and Google “E for everyone” rating means there is no objectionable content found in CityByApp (they’re safe like a G-rated movie).

Community residents and visitors love CityByApp because they’re FREE to download and allows them access to what’s happening in the community instantly from their iPhone, iPad, Android or HTML-5 mobile device.

Business-owners love the CityByApp because they can showcase their business, events, videos, social media pages, jobs, veterans discounts, coupons, deals, and real estate on the included shop local program, which is connected to your CityByApp. Any business can join for the shop local program for FREE or may choose a paid membership to expand their market exposure for a nominal monthly or discounted annual fee. Plus, CityByApp offers affordable mobile app development for any small to midsize businesses in your community.

The Chamber of Commerce (and Visitors Bureau) of your municipality will love CityByApp because they can showcase local businesses, publications, events, etc… Plus, they will receive “no dues” revenue from the shop local program.

Local government leaders love CityByApp because we equip and empower them with the support system they need to promote the municipality to their growing number of mobile residents and visitors. CityByApp beautifully customizes our existing mobile app development framework to showcase any size municipality. Plus, CityByApp links government leaders to their constituents, which keeps them in touch with local issues and developments that can affect their daily lives (e.g., sending mobile survey notifications to poll your residents, etc…)

Incident Reports – CityByApp mobile apps include incident report submission forms. Citizens can notify the municipality about Graffiti, Road Damage, Abandoned Vehicles, or joining a Neighborhood Watch group. Note: We also link to any existing incident reporting apps or website forms the City has provided to the citizens. Make life easier for everyone and launch your CityByApp mobile app today!

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